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  • 10 Things We Learned in Hayes Valley

    A compilation of facts and figures gathered during our month-long residency.

  • 2015 Heavy Breathing Catalog

    The inaugural season of Heavy Breathing culminated in a spiral-bound publication

  • Stairwell’s Radio Quarter-Hour for Untitled Radio

    January 13-15, 2017, 11am–5pm
    Untitled Art Fair, San Francisco, CA

  • The Decline of the Incline

    The Decline of the Incline: An Elegy for Cincinnati’s Inclined Plane Railways, 1872 – 1948 PDF version The “Age of Inclines” in the “City of Seven Hills” Was filled with laughter, vistas and thrills Seventy-six years of (mostly) smooth ascents and good cheer Fueled by pulleys, cables, wedges and beer Atop Mount Auburn, the view was…