FIELD TRIP #1: Pics from our first trip and a handout PDF

Our recent first Field Trip was amazingly fun. We visited 1000 Van Ness, former site of Don Lee’s Cadillac Showroom, today home to an AMC multiplex and twelve beautiful escalators. Inside, Carrie Hott narrated the interesting history of escalators (both word and object) while riding the six flights of escalators to the top floor. Backwards. Quite a feat! Field Trip participants were treated to popcorn and movies of their choice, descending with a new appreciation for the building’s design and architectural quirks. We can’t wait till the next one (currently set for mid September)!

If you didn’t get your permission slip in on time, live vicariously through the pictures below and download the Field Trip #1 Handout with a timeline of facts pertaining to 1000 Van Ness. Thanks to Carrie Hott and Jason Moore for contributing to our shaky-handed documentation efforts!



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