Other art in stairwells: Ann Hamilton & Meredith Monk

While working on the first Stairwell’s exhibition, DEEP DOWN AND BUILDING UP, a friend suggested I take a look at another art in stairwell’s project: Ann Hamilton’s The Tower. Built over the course of 3.5 years at the Oliver Ranch in Sonoma, it stands 8 stories high with two separate staircases winding their way (double-helix style) to the top. Intermittent windows provide alternate seating to the stairs themselves, accommodating up to 150 people for sensory projects and performances.

The inaugural tower performance took place in 2007, with Songs of Ascension by the Meredith Monk Vocal Ensemble. Created for the tower in conversation with Ann Hamilton, a video excerpt can be seen below. I’m inspired to seek out some musical performances for future Stairwell’s programming! [SH]