June 1–30, 2013
Fruitvale, Oakland, CA

Cornerways was an exhibition of new site-specific works by artists Seth Curcio and Dan Swindel inside a live/work space in the Fruitvale neighborhood of Oakland. Curcio and Swindel responded to the architectural elements of the former warehouse with photographic and sculptural works installed under, above and on the stairs of the Boise-Cascade Building.

Curcio transposed multiple images into a complex 2D collage, altering the angle of perception to the horizontal plane of the stair step. The piece expanded on Curcio’s interest in “hard-to-see things and places,” a category that includes the bottom of the ocean, distant icebergs, video game landscapes and most recently, caves.

Trained as a photographer, Swindel created sculptures that transcended the flatness of the photographic plane with folded geometric shapes. Expanding on his library of materials for the show, Swindel’s hard-edged and reflective pieces mirrored the edges and corners of the space itself.

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