‘Survival Adaptations’ at Aggregate Space Gallery

July 4–August 9, 2014
Aggregate Space Gallery, Oakland, CA

The group exhibition Survival Adaptations was organized by Root Division in collaboration with Adobe Books Backroom Gallery and Aggregate Space Gallery, to explore responses to the economic climate of the Bay Area.

Our contribution was a timeline installation (underneath and around the stairs) full of colored paper, pithy captions and images of all things stair-related. Working within four categories (Stairwell’s, Un-Stairs, Physical and Visual), we traced our own history, stairs in art and the variety of ways in which we traverse changes in elevation.

From Jim Melchert’s Location Project series in the 1970s to a recent Stairwell’s Field Trip exploring quarries in Oakland’s Rockridge neighborhood, the installation pointed to the adaptability and creativity of artists, who find interesting ways of exploring even the most mundane objects and places.

The two-part exhibition included over 20 artists and collaboratives.

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