Takeaway Issue 3

November 12, 2012

In the third takeaway issue, Stairwell’s asked three writers to respond to a variety of prompts inspired by the work in A Well Stirs. Emma Spertus’ stairwell posters gave way to Dana Goldberg’s “La Vie Bohème 1991.” Christine Peterson’s intervention into the underside of the stairs yielded Susannah Mager’s fantastic essay “Back/Underside/Verso.” And Aaron Finnis’ large-scale photographic installation of the view from Bernal Heights brought us Kayla Graham’s “Madrugada.”

As an extra treat, Tom Comitta contributed a visual poem to the publication, a riff on the exhibition title and our collective love for anagrams. Stairwell’s co-director Carey Lin provided a series of illustrations for the writing and a hand-drawn map of the various routes to the exhibition location.

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