Each Stairwell’s exhibition is accompanied by a Takeaway publication with contributions from Bay Area artists, writers and poets.

Krell          Taleporos          Swindel

10 Things We Learned in Cincinnati: July 18 – 31, 2015
A collection of daily lists gathered during our residence at Wave Pool Gallery in Cincinnati, OH.
Digital PDF
Download that here

A Collection of Stairwell’s Contributors
Contributions from artists, Field Trip leaders and writers who engaged in Stairwell’s programming, March 2012 through December 2013. Published by Little Paper Planes to mark the Stairwell’s LPP + Residency in January 2014.
9 x 6.5 inches, white coil bind, 32 pages
Full color
Ed. of 100
Available for $18 via Little Paper Planes

Issues 1-4
A compilation of our first four Takeaway publications
Co-published by Colpa + Stairwell’s
8.5 x 11 inches, dark orange coil bind, 36 pages
Risograph blue on canary yellow paper
Ed. of 100
Available for $12 via Colpa Press

Issue 4 features:
“Rethinking Your Gold Mining Plans” by Stacy Martin
Historic photographs from the Oakland History Room of the Oakland Public Library
“This is Not a Stairwell” by Zoë Taleporos
A visual diagram by Carey Lin
An essay on caves and mirrors by Sarah Hotchkiss
Issue 4 was printed by Colpa Press.

Issue 3 features:
“La Vie Bohème 1991” by Dana Goldberg
“Madrugada” by Kayla Graham
“Back/Underside/Verso” by Susannah Magers
A visual poem by Tom Comitta
Map and illustrations by Carey Lin

Issue 2 features:
Six short essays by Marion Anthonisen, Michael Flannery, Emily Gable, Stacy Martin, Michael Rothfeld, and Taylor Wiles.

Issue 1 features:
“Neither Here, Nor There” by Aaron Harbour & Jackie Im
“An Interview with Stairwell’s” by Sarah Hotchkiss
“Skunks, Metal Scrappers, and Sexy Calendar Makers: Inhabitants & Visitors of San Francisco’s Pier 70″ by Carey Lin